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Summer Sabbatical

Well, it’s summer- the kids are out of school, schedules are out the window, and relaxing has taken over… for the very first time, I am totally okay with that!  I love sleeping in and staying up late, and- to be completely honest- I also love taking this short break from road running.  I’ve been spending a ton of time with my kids, enjoying the outdoors, and reading lots of great books- often, the simpler life is, the happier I feel. Not to say that I can’t incorporate running into all this good summertime ju ju too, it’s just… I need a break.

However, I do have a fairly challenging half marathon this Sunday, the (very hilly) first half of The San Francisco Marathon. I just re-read my recap of this race from 2013 and now I’m officially worried. I tried to run while spending the past 3 weeks at our cabin but the elevation killed me and after every run I would fall sick for the next 36 hours so I gave up even attempting to train while there. And since we’ve been back home, here at sea level, my motivation is still seemingly on break too…

See, I ran that one time this summer!

See, I ran that one time this summer!

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Vacation “Plans”

Cheers to summertime!

Cheers to summertime!

I just returned from three wonderful weeks at our cabin in Pinecrest.  We go every summer and every summer, I plan out my health and fitness goals in advance and make sure to pack lots of work out clothes, hand weights, a resistance band, medicine ball, and multiple exercise DVDs.

And just like every other summer, despite my best intentions, it took exactly a week for me to neglect those goals and embrace doing absolutely nothing other than relaxing on the beach and eating lots of hamburgers. Here’s a list of all that I didn’t accomplish in 21 days…  Continue reading

Meatfull Monday (with apologies to my vegetarian friends)

Home Sweet Home

… and we’re back, sports fans!  After six long weeks in the mountains with nothing but dial-up Internet to keep me entertained, I am more than ecstatic to be back home!

Don’t get me wrong, I had a great vacation, a little too great as stepping on the scale the other day forced me to recognize the results of my hedonistic ways.  10 pounds of extra fun, to be exact.  ARGH.

So today, I want to share a handful of the recipes that got me to that place of ample happiness- add happy hour cocktails every day for 40 days plus a metric ton of red wine every evening, and you can earn 10 extra pounds of happiness too! Continue reading

Motivation Waning, Vacation Winning

Today is the 23rd day of my summer vacation with the family here at our cabin in Pinecrest.  Blue skies, perfect weather, campfires, staying up late, watching movies, playing games,eating good food… ahhhh… and all my friends wonder why I stay here for so long every summer!  So relaxed, so content, so happy!

You must be thinking, “Sooooo… how are those work outs going for you, Laura?”

Well, now you’re just being mean.

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Expect the Unexpected

You can take the internet from the girl, but you just can’t take the girl from the internet!

It’s day 6 of summer vacation at our family cabin here in Pinecrest, California.  I expected to blog while here, going old-school style by way of HAND writing my posts, typing them into Notepad, and then snagging the nearby resort’s wireless connection to copy, paste and post.  Whadya know, they charge- an unexpected $5 an hour for some wee-fee love but I’m so grateful to connect even if just for 60 minutes, so that’s money very well spent. Continue reading

So… Now What?

I’ve thought about going for a run several times since the marathon, but haven’t.  Honestly, I really did consider it, I swear, but my recovery has taken a strange even though much better path this second time around.

After the marathon, I was elated for about 2 days but then the inevitable post-marathon blues set in pretty heavily.  Endorphins gone, a disappointing race on top of it all, my Team in Training season over, and I became a miserable lump of self-pitying-good-for-nothing.  Knowing this was bound to happen, I made sure to fill my social calendar with good friends who would make me laugh and not chastise me too much for blubbering about my marathon woes.

BRF Anya making fun of me taking pictures of food… and seemingly snorting a toothpick all at the same time.

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