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Race Recap: See Jane Run 5K (Alameda)

Yes, this race was over 3 weeks ago. Yes, it is summer vacation and the kids are out of school making it hard for me to think/write. Yes, I’ve fallen behind on my blogging responsibilities but I’m back home and trying my best to catch up this month! I swear!!!

Anyhoo, the See Jane Run 5K/half in Alameda, CA was held on June 22nd this year and I ran the 5K for my 5th year in a row. If you read this blog or know me IRL, you know I have been injured and unable to run since February- this race was my first since recovering from my injury and I was SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY to run 3 miles with some of my favorite people and was treated, in the typical See Jane Run style, to copious amounts of post-race champagne and chocolate afterwards! Can’t get better than that!  Continue reading

Mother’s Day Giveaway!

This is what it's all about!

How I love my precious family- this is what it’s all about!

I hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day- I had such a fantastic day relaxing and spending time with my wonderful hubby and gorgeous children. Whether you spent time with your mom or received much pampering as a mom, I hope you got to take advantage of the day and were reminded of just how special moms are, how we work to make sure the lives of our children are The Best, and how limitless our capacity for love can be.

While I love, love, love my family to bits, I also make sure to wish a Happy Day to my peer moms- the girlfriends I spent just about every day of the week with when my kids were just babies, the women who are there to reassure me when I doubt my ability as a mom, those sisters who offer lots of hugs on top of a couple hours of babysitting time with the occasional glass of wine and shoulder to cry on right when you need it most.

In 2009, I started a mommy running group and our first race together was the See Jane Run 5K and Half Marathon.  Today, to celebrate my fellow mommies, women, girlfriends, and sisters, I am giving away 3 entries to the upcoming See Jane Run race for Chocolate and Champagne here in the Bay Area! Read on to find out how to enter… Continue reading

Race Recap: Ragnar Napa, Leg 2

I went out to dinner with some friends last night and was talking about my Ragnar Napa experience.  Upon hearing my story, they crinkled their noses and shook their heads, saying, “Ugh, that sounds horrible! Why would you want to do that?”

Well, why wouldn’t I?  Not only do I love running but to do it amongst a team of 11 other happy, funny, joyful people was just so much fun, an experience I will never forget.  I admit it was hard at times but anyone can endure anything for 36 hours, right?  We bonded, we laughed, we sang, we danced, we ate, we talked almost non-stop and we ran- I consider myself very lucky to have the physical ability as well as the means to participate in an event as huge as this.  So yes, I would most definitely do it again.

36 hours of running and only smiles and laughter at the end! YAY RAGNAR!!! (photo credit: Anya)

And now for leg 2…

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Race Recap: Ragnar Napa, Leg 1

Okay, okay, I know it’s been way too long since I’ve posted but in my defense, life has just been so busy lately!  Plus, my lap top is on the fritz so the spot where I normally sit to write isn’t available, and that’s really messed me up.  I know, I’m weird.

Even though I haven’t been blogging about running doesn’t mean I haven’t been running.  I’ve resumed my regular work out and run schedule and was honored to be a part of a Ragnar team this past weekend.

Team At A Medium Pace!!! (photo credit: Van 1 team mate, Allison)

If you don’t know what Ragnar is, it is an overnight, 200 mile team relay that takes roughly 36 hours to complete.  Teams of 12 runners hop in vans and take turns running 3 legs over 2 days and one night and even though that may sound like complete and utter craziness, let me tell you IT WAS SO MUCH FUN and ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Continue reading

So… Now What?

I’ve thought about going for a run several times since the marathon, but haven’t.  Honestly, I really did consider it, I swear, but my recovery has taken a strange even though much better path this second time around.

After the marathon, I was elated for about 2 days but then the inevitable post-marathon blues set in pretty heavily.  Endorphins gone, a disappointing race on top of it all, my Team in Training season over, and I became a miserable lump of self-pitying-good-for-nothing.  Knowing this was bound to happen, I made sure to fill my social calendar with good friends who would make me laugh and not chastise me too much for blubbering about my marathon woes.

BRF Anya making fun of me taking pictures of food… and seemingly snorting a toothpick all at the same time.

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Race Recap: California International Marathon Relay

On the heels of our last successful marathon relay, Big Sur in May, I suggested to my mommy running group that we go for the California International Marathon Relay next, at that time, just 7 months away.  As soon as 3 other people said yes, I made it official, registered our team, and we all moved on with our lives.

This was the 3rd marathon relay I have organized and participated in.  You would think it would be easy to manage myself plus 3 other people, I mean, it’s no Ragnar, right?  A LOT can change in a short period of time and, just as it happened with the the last 2 relays, once we hit a month or so away from this one, the issues starting coming up… one team mate decided to do the Rock n’ Roll half marathon in Las Vegas instead so needed a replacement, and then another team mate wanted to drop as well (I guilted her into staying on though), then there was the whole pre-race-packet-pick-up mania, hotel logistics, pre-race-dinner disagreements, shuttle confusion, on and on… Continue reading

Race Recap: US Half Marathon

I’ve raced near, around, and under the Golden Gate Bridge several times but have always wanted to actually run across it, so when a friend offered up her bib for the US Half Marathon this past Sunday- I jumped at the chance to finally complete that goal.

Little did I know what lay ahead… Continue reading