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The Gift of Fitness

No matter what controversial color your coffee cup may be, the holiday season has officially begun and just like every year prior, I am committed to getting all my holiday shopping done sooner than later; but for the first time ever, hubby and I have agreed to give gifts just to the kids and not to each other. Why?  Because we buy gifts for ourselves throughout the year anyway and only I truly know what I want! Saving stress, time, money, and wrapping paper- sounds like a Christmas miracle!

Hubby was also getting annoyed at my answer to the question, “What do you want for Christmas?”  The answer: “You know, workout stuff.” He’s over reading my mind and I’m over never getting the workout stuff that I actually want so this year I made my list, checked it twice, been really nice, and Santa Laura is getting/giving EXACTLY what I want this year all in the name of yuletide fitness! HO HO HO!!! Continue reading

Gifts Ideas for Any This Runner

I’ve been good! I swear!!!

Yes, it’s that time of year again and I am positive that you have been suffering through the holiday email and snail mail barrage just like me: SHOP, BUY, SHOP, BUY!!! I don’t do and will never do Black Friday, I’m an Internet junkie so I try to get most of my Christmas gifts online in order to save myself the hassle of the people and lines at the brick and mortars, but that means that I have to start now if I want to insure availability and prompt arrival… so I have…

As you can see, I started writing this post with a “giving” bent but decided to write, instead, about the “getting”, especially since my blog is all about me all the time and Hubby claims to actually read my blog now (I am SUCH a helpful wife like that!). I like the stuff I like and the only one who really knows what I like is ME, you know? The items I want for Christmas have to do with- you’re never gonna believe it- running and cooking!

And here’s my Christmas Wish List… Continue reading