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My Mid-Life Vegan Crisis

As soon as I started getting serious about running, I came across many different books, movies, and blogs that promoted better running via a plant-based diet. I read, watched, considered, even added one meatless day to my meal plan every week as I was convinced that giving up meat and dairy would be completely impossible! Plus, “I don’t want to.” was reason enough for me to keep up my guilt-free bacon-cheeseburger eating tendencies… until 2 weeks ago.

I watched the documentary Vegucated in absolute interest, shock and horror.  Then I watched Forks over Knives and was more than compelled to start living a vegan way of life. I’ve always known that veganism is healthier, better for the planet, and more humane yet these 2 films put my blissful ignorance to shame- if I truly consider myself a foodie and an athlete, how can I possibly continue to damage my body as well as the environment by taking my meat and dairy intake for granted? The more I read on the topic, the more I was convinced to finally change my eating habits.

And so far so good- just over 2 weeks into this new lifestyle and while it’s been a lot easier than I thought, it’s also been harder in ways I didn’t anticipate.  Continue reading

Eat Your Coffee (CoffeeBars Review and Giveaway!)


I LOVE LOVE LOVE coffee- hot or iced, tall or grande, black or with a decadent splash of half & half, I love the taste, smell, comfort, and routine found in my daily cup, and of course that good ol’ caffeine boost. When the good people of New Grounds Food asked if I wanted to eat my coffee and try their new Mocha Latte CoffeeBar as well as give away a box to my awesome readers, I immediately said yes!*

New Grounds Food was launched in 2013 by two college freshmen who wanted to find a simple and portable way to stay energized without sacrificing nutrition.  With that vision in mind, they created CoffeeBar: an all-natural, vegan, gluten free, 100% organic, very tasty energy bar infused with a full cup of fair trade coffee.

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Build a Better Carb

As runners are very well aware, carbohydrates are our main source of fuel; however, there are “bad carbs” (white flour and sugar) that digest quickly, make energy levels spike then crash, leaving one hungry more often, and “good carbs” (fruits, veggies, whole grains) that work to build muscle, increase endurance, and boost physical activity.  As runners, we love to carb load and always reach for those whole grain carbs in order to propel our efforts, especially prior to our long runs.  Consuming those “good” carbohydrates before, during and after exercise will also provide that glycogen boost/replacement when needed most, enabling one to work out longer and recover quicker.

When the good people at California Lavash contacted me and offered up a variety of their delicious, whole grain, vegan, non-GMO flatbreads to try, I happily accepted, tried a bunch of different pre- and post-run recipes, and gobbled them right on up! Lavash flatbreads are a terrific source of very balanced, low fat, “good” carbohydrates with added nutrients like fiber and protein that the body absorbs slowly, filling you up faster, and keeping you fuller longer.

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Training with Whole Foods (& Nike SF Entry Giveaway!)


Thanks again to Whole Foods Northern California, I am very pleased to announce this week’s giveaway: 2 lucky winners will each receive a guaranteed spot to register for the exclusive and awesome Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco AND a $50 gift card to Whole Foods! As you may already know, I am a HUGE fan of NWM as it was my very first marathon, I am also a HUGE of fan of Whole Foods for providing some of the healthiest and yummiest grocery store food stuffs available- now that I’m training for my 5th Nike, that’s just the kind of fuel I need.  Keep on reading to find out how to enter…

(Please note that this give away is just for a guaranteed spot to register for the race, NOT a paid entry- winners will have to pay for their own entry, transportation, commemorative schwag, etc.)

Whenever I go shopping at Whole Foods, my first stop is their weekly publication (always hung conveniently by the entrance), “The Whole Deal” which contains coupons, recipes, plus lots of money and time-saving tips. As a parent, savings is good and as a runner, their high quality, natural and organic products are even better: good input = good output.  Continue reading

Flexiveganism (and NadaMoo Giveaway!)

When it comes to eating meat, I live by the “it’s an instinct, not a choice!” school of thought. I love meat, poultry, fish, dairy- as far as I’m concerned, PETA stands for People Eat Tasty Animals. I seriously drool at the thought of a good steak or tasty hamburger- I love hamburgers so much, I started another blog just to document my goal of trying every single burger here in Oakland!  On long car rides, when we see cows grazing, I taught my kids to say “Hamburgers!” and to baby cows, “Sliders!” (I highly doubt my vegetarian friends appreciate that joke- sorry!)

You can’t really get away from all the press surrounding meat in the past few years and I’ve read my fair share of articles warning of the ill effect of eating too much red meat- high fat content leading to heart and cholesterol problems; cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s risks; and of course Mad Cow Disease, just to name a few. Yeah, I get it. Everything in moderation, the leaner the cut the better. I even joined a meat/poultry and fish CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) just to ensure that I’m only buying local meat and fish that has been farm-raised ethically, sustainably, and humanely.

I also read a lot of articles about runners powered by nothing other than vegan food– they claim it fuels their bodies better than any meat ever could and have basically turned super human as a result, running hundreds of miles without injury, with minimal recovery time. So in my attempt to stick with my New Year resolutions this year, I’m dabbling in a bit of flexi-vegetarian-veganism not just to lose weight but to also become a better runner (the “flexi” part promising a burger every now and then!). Continue reading


I realize today is Monday but I had such a great day yesterday that I wanted to share it with you yesterday but didn’t quite get around to it!  Anyhoo, Saturday I woke up with a tummy bug and basically slept the entire day away- I HATE it when that happens- so I was determined to make Sunday a great day. And that I did!

Kicked Sunday off with a long, blissful trail run at Redwood Park in Oakland. Because I wasn’t feeling completely 100% I told myself anywhere between 5-7 miles would be fine but after I ran (literally!) into a couple friends running the Skyline 50K, I got distracted and lost. Missed a turn somewhere and ran 9 very hilly miles total trying to find the trail that led me back to the car.

Sure I was lost but fantastically it was a perfect 9 mile "loop"!

Fantastically, it was a perfect 9 mile “loop”!

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Vacation “Plans”

Cheers to summertime!

Cheers to summertime!

I just returned from three wonderful weeks at our cabin in Pinecrest.  We go every summer and every summer, I plan out my health and fitness goals in advance and make sure to pack lots of work out clothes, hand weights, a resistance band, medicine ball, and multiple exercise DVDs.

And just like every other summer, despite my best intentions, it took exactly a week for me to neglect those goals and embrace doing absolutely nothing other than relaxing on the beach and eating lots of hamburgers. Here’s a list of all that I didn’t accomplish in 21 days…  Continue reading