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Berkeley Bound!

Happy to announce that I am a proud race ambassador for the very awesome Berkeley Half Marathon in November!  YIPEE!!! This is the third running of this race and it has been on my “To Do” list since 2013. As a Bay Area native, I always thought Berkeley really needed a good road half- Oakland has a couple, SF has sundry and this is the One And Only in Berkeley- how cool is that?!

Yes, I am Berkeley Bound however, to be honest, I am actually always in Berkeley!  In fact, the course traverses the streets I grew up exploring and currently train through- from the urban jungle of the UC Berkeley campus, to the lusciously scrumptious Gourmet Ghetto, and the breezily peaceful Bay Trail… Oakland is where I live and work, but Berkeley is where I go to train and play!

The Berkeley Half Marathon offers not only the 13.1 distance but also a 13.1 relay, 10K, and 5K so pick your distance and join me in my City By The City By The Bay on November 22- not only can I promise excellent racing weather but I can also give you a sweet registration discount: $10 off with code BHM2015Laura (follow this link to register).

Even if you aren’t from the Bay Area, sign up for this race and get a fabulous tour of Berkeley’s hippest and iconic spots- from the most unique and diverse neighborhoods in all of NoCal, all the way to the waterfront, you’ll quickly learn why Berkeley isn’t a place but truly a way of life. You can go everywhere in the world and never find a place like Berkeley.

I am really looking forward to 13.1 miles along such familiar turf but I’m also looking forward to a DOUBLE MEDAL DAY thanks to the SF Marathon to Berkeley challenge! If you ran the 1st or 2nd half of the SF Marathon in July then complete the Berkeley Half in November, you get 2 medals when you cross the finish line!  And I know you know I’ll do pretty much anything for a medal… or two…

Smack dab in the middle of the Bay Area, Berkeley offers mild weather, natural beauty, proximity to the ocean, lush greenery, and beautiful coastal views all backdropped by a hilly upland- what’s not to love?  Register today with code BHM2015Laura and let me know what distance you’re running- I’ll see you there!!!

Zooma Winter Sale!

I am honored to announce that I was among those chosen as race ambassador for the Zooma Napa Valley half and 10K on June 20th, 2015. Of course, I have a discount code to share (code LAURA15 gets you 10% off registration for either distance) and if you are planning to run Zooma Napa, please let me know in the comment section!  I love seeing my readers along the course and would really love to meet more of you live and in person!

I am really excited about Zooma Napa mainly because I’ve never done it before and I love races that are new to me.  I also love, love, LOVE running in beautiful wine country and as a Bay Area native, I am lucky that Napa is just about 45 minutes away, plus we have family in Sonoma, and I’ve researched every single kid-friendly winery there is!  There is nothing better, to me, than a relaxing post-race wine tasting with my medal proudly around my neck and my family in tow.

As an added bonus, from now until December 14th, you can also use code LAURA15 to get 10% off ANY Zooma race- in addition to Napa, Zooma also hosts events in Florida, Annapolis, Cape Cod, and Texas– so pick your destination, grab your running buddies, and make a race-cation out of it! (Race registrations make great Christmas gifts. Just sayin’.)


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Race Recap: Diablo Trail Adventure 10K

I was honored to be asked by the Save Mount Diablo organization to write a handful of trail running tips for their upcoming Trail Adventure race in exchange for an entry. As I’ve been spending a lot more time running trails lately, I was completely thrilled with this writing & running opportunity so I selected the half marathon distance- my first trail half- happily wrote the tips for SMD’s weekly email blasts and moved on with my life…

Moving on with my life included getting over a nasty post-Nike chest cold as well as celebrating my 39th birthday this past Friday night with way too many tequila shots. Needless to say, come race morning on Sunday, I was still coughing a lot and feeling pretty out of it so I went ahead and downgraded to the 10K. In over 60 races to date, this was the very first time I have ever downgraded! Look at me making the right decision! How very different!!!  Continue reading

Today’s Reason: The Long Run

I was out with a friend for dinner last night and she asked me, “How did you figure out you loved running?” And I really had to pause to think about that… I told her it all began for me 6 years ago because of Oakland Adventure Boot Camp, or really, in the absence of it.  After I started going to the gym and stopped going to boot camp, I kept challenging myself to do what my boot camp trainers had challenged us to: run the entirety- all 3 miles- of Lake Merritt.  That seemed SO HARD to me back then!  “Justholdonasecondhere- you want me to run, without stopping, all the way around the whole entire lake? It’s so big! Who does that?! 3 miles?!?!?! No way!!!!”

Despite how daunting those 3 miles seemed to me at the time, I kept trying and trying and trying to propel my body around that lake 3 or 4 times a week, every week. I’ll never forget the moment I finally accomplished my goal of running the whole entire lake- I was elated and so proud of myself that I went ahead and signed up for my first 5K race in April 2009 and for about a year, that 3 miles was my long run.

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Happy Feet (& giveaway!)

It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a giveaway and even though my feet aren’t terribly happy right now (read: bruised toes, nails falling off), I want yours to be!  So let’s talk socks…

When I first started racing in 2009, I suffered from major blisters usually on my left foot, right on the inside of the sole- the spot that (if my form is correct) hits the ground first when running.  Yeouch!  As a racing newbie and doing 5K after 5K when I started, I would typically push through the pain, keep on running, and complain to anyone who would listen about my painful, bleeding feet afterwards.  I finally realized that the cotton socks I wore + the amount of sweat I produced = the dire need for an authentic athletic sock. Continue reading

Race Recap: Brazen’s New Year’s Day 10K

If you know me and/or if you follow my blog, you know that I was very anti-holidays this year.  When New Year’s Eve finally arrived and we started gearing up to head to Sonoma with BFFs Andrea & Josh to go for our NYE wine tasting extravaganza- I had a mental breakdown.  And it wasn’t pretty. Imagine me, a grown woman, throwing my body on the ground, banging hands and feet wildly, holding my breath and screaming, “NO NO NO I DON’T WANNA!!!”

I exaggerate but yeah, I basically threw a tantrum.  Hubby said, “Uh… I think you should do us all a favor and stay home.” Continue reading