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Race Recap: Across the Bay 12K

My foot finally mended, I was more than excited to run the Across the Bay 12K on July 10th, my third race of 2016 (normally, without injury, this should have been my 8th or 9th race of the year!). Met with friends Susan and Jennette bright and early that morning to drive out to the city and board the shuttle to Sausalito where the race began and we were greeted with blue skies and a very bright, shining sun that, in the “cold” (yes, 60 degrees is “cold” for us here in the Bay Area) of the early morning we were grateful for but by mile 6 of the race, not so much.

I signed up for the race while still rehabbing my foot so chose the very last start wave, wave 4. Jennette and Tim (another Team in Training friend we met along the way) were also in wave 4 so we started together; but, being a I-race-alone type, I gave them a smile, said I’m going into “stealth mode” and popped in my earbuds. As soon as we crossed the start line, the Golden Gate Bridge view appeared, I couldn’t help myself and started snapping photos right away- and we hadn’t even reached mile 1!

I see you, Bridge!!!

I see you, Bridge!!!

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How to Race Without Training

To be clear, I’m not promoting running a race withOUT training but I think it truly IS a reality for those of us who love running and love living so I just gotta admit that often, life gets in the way of training and takes the front seat! Since I started racing in 2009, I commit to at least one race every month and sometimes I’m ready, sometimes I’m not. While I completely and totally respect the process and preparation that goes into the umpteen weeks of training, focus, and sacrifice towards Race Day, I often take it for granted and this year so far, I admit, I have definitely slacked off…  and guess what? I have the first half of the San Francisco Marathon, a very challenging 13.1, in 2 days.

Some people, including my coaches, husband, and non-running friends say, “You don’t have to do the race, right?  Why even put yourself through that? Just DON’T do it!” Sure that’s an option for normal people but I’m not normal and it’s not me NOT to show up. I said I would so I’m gonna and that’s just that. Stubborn runner, that’s me.

To get ready for the imminent pain and suffering that goes along with attempting to run a road race without training, I am trying my best to keep my mind right while prepping for Race Day as well as I possibly can…  Continue reading

Training with Whole Foods (& Nike SF Entry Giveaway!)


Thanks again to Whole Foods Northern California, I am very pleased to announce this week’s giveaway: 2 lucky winners will each receive a guaranteed spot to register for the exclusive and awesome Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco AND a $50 gift card to Whole Foods! As you may already know, I am a HUGE fan of NWM as it was my very first marathon, I am also a HUGE of fan of Whole Foods for providing some of the healthiest and yummiest grocery store food stuffs available- now that I’m training for my 5th Nike, that’s just the kind of fuel I need.  Keep on reading to find out how to enter…

(Please note that this give away is just for a guaranteed spot to register for the race, NOT a paid entry- winners will have to pay for their own entry, transportation, commemorative schwag, etc.)

Whenever I go shopping at Whole Foods, my first stop is their weekly publication (always hung conveniently by the entrance), “The Whole Deal” which contains coupons, recipes, plus lots of money and time-saving tips. As a parent, savings is good and as a runner, their high quality, natural and organic products are even better: good input = good output.  Continue reading

Race Recap: SF Marathon (2nd half)

“I’ve been injured since February, just started running again in June, not on asphalt, just dirt and grass and no hills at all, just flats, and my longest run since recovering has been 6 miles so YEAH! Let’s go ahead and run a hilly road half marathon completely and totally untrained! What a fabulous idea!!!” said no one. Ever.

‘Cept me.

Truth be told, I am totally biased when it comes to the San Francisco Marathon. I am a Bay Area native, lived here all my life, and have a personal goal to accomplish the SF full marathon AND the Oakland full. Plus, I am a proud ambassador for the SF Marathon this year so having downgraded from the full to the 2nd half as a result of my stupid knee, I was more than determined to cross that finish line, any way I could, despite my injury.  Continue reading

Ambassadorships Abound!

I am super stoked to announce that I have been chosen as race ambassador to the San Louis Obispo Marathon, See Jane Run, and the San Francisco Marathon this year! When I mention this to my friends, I am often asked, “What’s an ambassador? What do you have to do?” and “That race is really popular, why do they need you?” Here are your answers…

An ambassador is basically a cheerleader for the race- these are races I am happy to write about as I absolutely love the organizers as well as the race itself, and in the case of SLO, supports a cause close to my heart. As an ambassador, I write/tweet/pin/post about the race often, getting readers excited, motivated, and inspired to run. It is a mutually beneficial relationship- I help promote the race, getting them more registrations and more social media exposure, while the race promotes Running4theReason, sends more traffic to my blog and gives my readers perks in the form of registration discounts and, often, entry giveaways.

It is an honor to be chosen, that’s for sure, and it is equally an honor to be able to use these platforms to share my running story with more people as a way to encourage others to lace up and hit the road- I’m 39. I’m a mom. I’m a middle-of-the-pack runner… and if I can do it, so can you.

Please read on to access your perks and let me know if you will be at any of these awesome races!

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Race Recap: Nike Women’s (Half) Marathon SF

Source: Nike

Source: Nike

When I first started running in 2006 and learned of the Nike Women’s Marathon I thought, “WHAT A COOL RACE! But there is no way I will ever run a half marathon. 13 miles??? That’s crazy.” Little did I know then, that 5 years later I would run my first full marathon at Nike SF, then do the half in 2012, the inaugural Nike DC half earlier this year and this past Sunday, I ran Nike SF for the 3rd year in a row, completing my 16th half marathon to date. Wow!!!

Since I did my last race recap all in video, I’m going to do this recap mostly in photos as I took 74 pictures in total during the race- that’s close to 6 photos per mile, people, whoa! That’s a a PR in race-photography for me, definitely! (I’ve promised myself that I am leaving the camera behind for my next half though as I should probably stop taking so many freaking pictures and maybe possibly try to focus on the actual RUNNING here at some point… well… maybe.)

Just like the years before, NWM SF is always kicked off with a trip to Union Square for the expotique the Friday before the race where I grabbed my bib and took a few choice photos, of course!

Entrance to the Expotique

Entrance to the Expotique

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Winners of the Nike SF Slots!

Thanks to Whole Foods Markets, I was pleased to giveaway 5 guaranteed slots to the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco this October. After validating approximately 300 entries this morning, I am happy to finally announce the lucky winners (RaffleCopter counted the entries and chose the winners)… drum roll, please:

  1. Roberta H.
  2. Joan L.
  3. Natalie A.
  4. Gabriela R.
  5. Eliza D.

Please email me at to claim your entry and get further information regarding your registration.

Congratulations to you all and I will see you there!!!

And if you didn’t get into the race for 2013, never fear- I will be setting up a Group I.D. again for the 2014 Nike SF lottery so there is hope for you yet!  Be sure to follow Running4theReason to stay in the loop!

Thank you again to Whole Foods for the opportunity, thanks to everyone for reading and participating, and most of all Happy Running to everyone!!!!