3 races completed in 2016 so far…
(One 10.6 miler, one 12K and one 5K.)

3/6/16, San Jose 408K
8K in the 408!

3/20/16, Oakland (Half) Marathon
5th time running this sucker and this Oakland Girl can’t wait!
INJURED. But hubby ran. I was so happy for him. (NOT.)

4/24/16, Big Sur International Marathon (10.6 miler)
First race in 5 months, first race post-injury and still is, by far,
one of my Most Favorite Races of All Time.

5/7/16, Mermaid Run East Bay 5K
I was lucky enough to win an entry via Yelp East Bay– Happy Mother’s Day to me and
thank you Yelp!

7/10/16, Across the Bay 12K
Gorgeous (albeit hot as heck!) 12K in my city by the bay!

9/17/16, Drag N’ Fly 10K
10th in my AG for this 10K! YAY!!!