11 races completed in 2015!
(Five half marathons, one 8K, two 10Ks, and three 5Ks.)

1/11/15, Hot Chocolate 15K San Francisco
Had so much fun running the 5K last year, I’m raring to go to for the 15K this year!
DNS: I skipped this race due to a death in the family but I will be back in 2016!

2/1/15, Surf City (Half) Marathon
Only southern California can provide such a beautiful course all along the water! Really great 13.1 even though my new shoes were only ready for .1!
Finish time: 2:56 and I am actually really happy with that!
(But will I ever run a 2 hour half again????)

3/22/15, Oakland Running Festival (Half Marathon)
Running buddy reunion and such a fabulous day! Didn’t turn auto pause off so mentally I thought I hit 2:28 but in reality, I finished in 2:41- still not even close to where I used to be pre-injury but at least I’m improving!

4/26/15, San Luis Obispo (Half) Marathon
Had to walk the half last year due to injury but this time, I’m determined-
this year, I WILL finally run SLO!

5/9/15, Girls on the Run 5K
My daughter’s first 5K race and I’m her running buddy!

6/6/15, San Jose Giants Race 8K
In honor of my dear father-in-law and my fundraising efforts for
the American Heart Association Start Training Program.

6/20/15, Zooma Napa Valley 10K & Half Marathon
I am honored to be chosen as a race ambassador and am really looking forward to a beautiful wine country run!

7/26/15, The San Francisco Marathon (1st half)
2nd year as race ambassador, 2nd time running over the Golden Gate Bridge!

9/12/15, Unnamed 5K
The race organizers were rude and the course was poorly planned and marked, so no love on my social medias for them! Hmph!

10/18/15, Nike Women’s San Francisco Half Marathon
Oh yeah. It happened. Again.

10/25/15, Let’s Go 510K (10K)

11/22/15, Berkeley Half Marathon (5K)
1st time race ambassador, so excited to run on such familiar turf! Had to downgrade due to a reoccurrence of my injury but looking forward to running all distances for this race in the years to come!

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