11 races total in 2009!
(Eight 5Ks, one 7K, one 8K, and one 10K.)

12/19/09, Rodeo Beach 8K
1:02, 5th age group, 90th overall

12/5/09, Bah Humbug 5k
29:44, 22nd age group, 378th overall

11/26/09, Nitro Turkey Thanksgiving Run 5k
33:23, 6th age group, 78th overall

11/14/09, Mermaid San Francisco 5K
32:39, 2nd age group, 75th overall
Only placed 2nd because they had me in the 90-95 years old bracket.
Who came in 1st???

10/25/09, Grape Stomp 10K
1:03, 17th age group, 136th overall

10/4/09, Bridge To Bridge Run 7K
44:14, 20th age group, 267th overall

8/29/09, Bear Creek Trail 5K
39:14, 7th age group, 69th overall
103 degrees for that race.  Ouch.

7/26/09, San Francisco Marathon 5K
30:56, 31st age group, 384th overall

6/7/09, Lake Chabot Trail Challenge 5K
31:20, 2nd AGE GROUP, 46th overall

5/30/09, See Jane Run 5K
30:57, 49th age group, 194th overall

4/19/09, Redwood Peak 5K
39:50, 8th age group, 62nd overall
My First Race Ever and I pick a hilly trail race, yet was still hooked!