Wine-ing Allowed

Told ya.

The above photo is of me and my two besties (Amy on the left, Andrea on the right) after crossing the finish line of my very first half marathon through Livermore, California on October 10, 2010. And on March 26, 2017 I will complete it again.

I recall thinking, “10/10/10 has just got to be good luck for my first half!” And it was! I loved running through the lush rolling hills of wine country, passing by the vineyards of all the wineries I have yet to visit, and enjoying all the post-race grapey libations the race had to offer. In just 18 days, I will complete the Livermore Half Marathon, my first half marathon since October 2015. That’s crazy!

And I am again, just like that very first 13.1 ever, nervous! I haven’t run a half in over year and am just getting back to running after a 6 month hiatus… but then there’s the wine. I love running, yes, and I love wine, oh yes. That’s actually the reason why I chose the Livermore Half as my first- The Wine! Livermore is, by far, one of my favorite places to go wine tasting here in the Bay Area. Everyone has heard of Napa, everyone has heard of Sonoma (and they are awesome too!) but I sure love the sleepy, peaceful, temperate, laid back demeanor of Livermore.

I was lucky enough to get a bib for this race via BibRave so am also lucky enough to also share a coupon code with you if you want to join me on March 26th in beautiful Livermore Valley. Read on for more perks to look forward to…

Cross the finish line with me on March 26th and we get our medal of glory, of course, and this one doubles as a bottle stopper! Very neat! Usually when I finish a race, I’ll wear the medal all day long as I more than earned that right but this time, I might just have to buy a celebratory bottle, pop the cork, and shove the medal in the top just to use the thing!

Although, truth be told, you only need a bottle stopper if you have leftover wine and, for me, there is no such thing.

“Keep up to drink up!” will definitely be my race day motto this year especially for a race shirt as cute as this! I still have my shirt from the 10/10/10 race and it isn’t nearly as good looking as this one and for a supreme sweat monster like me, I love those dark colors.

More than shirts and medals, however, is- in case I forgot to mention it already- the wine. If you like wine, you’ll love Livermore. Livermore Valley boasts over 40 esteemed wineries complete with varietals to appease every palate and and if you run the race, there is nothing better to keep from getting sore the next day than to keep on moving and hit those wineries.

One free glass of wine (or beer) included for finishers, with so many more to visit nearby! I googled it for us and the nearest winery to the finish line is Retzlaff, then Page Mill a short distance beyond that, then Concannon after that- run + wine tasting fun = YES PLEASE!

Just call me Princess Pinot!

Personalized bib as well as race etched stemless wine glasses to complete the perks of this race and now that I am writing about it, the nerves are falling away and the excitement is building! Even if I am somewhat under-trained going into the race, I have all these sweet perks to look forward to and sometimes, that’s all I need to visualize at mile 10 to get my legs pumping towards that finish line. (Hey- wine rhymes with finish line, that’ll work too!)

13.1 is my favorite distance, wine is my favorite adult beverage, and Livermore is one of my favorite cities to visit. Even if the run isn’t my best, the race will be and I hope you will consider signing up today and joining me- I’ll run and cheers to that!

Visit to sign up today and be sure to use code BIBRAVELIV to save 10%- and, of course, let me know if you’ll be there!

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  1. Will

    Hopefully I see you there. I am nervous as well, I havent trained much and havent run that far since October and the Chicago Marathon!!! The bonus is I live in Livermore so not far to travel 🙂


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