Past, Present, Future

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a post but something happened. Something BIG. After 10+ years of being a stay-at-home-mom, I got a job. A full time job. That’s a lot of hours away from home, away from my kids, away from the free will that allowed me to run whenever I wanted and to write blog posts whenever I wanted. It was a big transition at first- for me and my entire family- but now, after 5 months, I’m finally getting into a good grove.


The Laura of 5 months ago was so dedicated to running and working out and setting goals and running race after race after race with abandon (when I wasn’t injured, that is) and the Laura of right now is finding some challenge in staying as dedicated. Depending on my life/work balance at the moment, my motivation tends to wane and sleeping to all of 6:30am is often so much more appealing than getting up at 4:45am to get my miles in.

Today I am running, not as consistent as yesterday yet tomorrow is another chance to try.

Today I am running, not as consistent as yesterday yet tomorrow is another chance to try.

The Laura of 5 months ago had all kinds of time to plan social events and catch up with friends and volunteer and help the kids with homework and go grocery shopping and do laundry; but, the Laura of now hired a housekeeper, signed up for a meal delivery service, and on the weekends can be found resting- bra off, pajamas on, feet up is my jam on Saturdays and Sundays nowadays, I tell ya!

And I tell myself, “That is totally OK!” Even though, often I disagree and tell myself, “C’mon step it up! Lots of other women ‘do it all’ so you can too!” And I’ve been trying but, damn, a girl can get oh so tired- working is hard, you guys!

When I first started working, I was oh so overwhelmed with the new learning curve and being pretty much autonomous in this role, I was left to manage an entire department and the people in it on my own. This lead to a LOT of sleepless nights and a LOT of overtime hours, especially during the holidays. I tried to get up extra early to get to the gym, I tried to run after work but nothing really stuck!  I didn’t like either option and both required a lot of pre-packing (every time I pack my gym bag, I feel like I’m going camping!) which I often did not have the time for the night before after battling rush hour traffic and getting home much later than planned as a result.

Babysitting for a cause! It takes a village, friends!

And then, last month finally I had it with feeling unmotivated and I knew I had to find some way back to a routine with running and a routine with proving to myself that YES I CAN get everything I want to get done done even if some days it’s just all about work and some days it’s all about rest. I needed to get back to the thing that inspired me to invest so much time and energy into running and that is, of course, running for a reason.

I joined Team in Training again for my 8th season and set a goal of raising $2,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and despite the fact that I am oh so nervous about fundraising given my new lack of time I’m beyond elated to be back with my favorite Coaches, my favorite running buddies, with a group that forever inspires me, and a cause that I wholeheartedly believe in- fighting cancer. Comparatively, I don’t have anything to complain about- I’ve got my life, my health, and my ability to run for this cause. And that, easily enough, has been all it takes to get up a dark:30am to hit the road and the gym, armed with huge gym bag and an accomplished smile on my face.

I am also lucky enough to have a lot of races on the horizon that I can’t wait for! My time won’t be as fast as it used to be, but they will all get done AND I am lucky to have new and renewed ambassadorships allowing me to share some sweet race discounts with you- in lieu of creating my 2017 race calendar page (because of that time issue I still have) here’s what’s on the horizon and I am VERY excited to get back to racing again! Will you be at any of these races???

– San Jose 408K on 3/5/17, use code RepresentLM for 15% off!
Livermore Half Marathon on 3/26/17, use code BIBRAVELIV for 10% off!
Nashville Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon on 4/29/17, discount to come!
Mermaid Series East Bay on 5/7/17, use code LAURA15 for 15% off!
Santa Barbara Wine Country Half Marathon on 5/13/17, use code BIBRAVE10 for $10 off!

All are new courses for me except the Mermaid East Bay but I am a new Mermaid ambassador this year and also looking forward to assisting with promotion of their women’s race series!

So if you see me out there before the sun getting it done, shoot me a thumbs up to let me know I got this- yesterday is past, today is perfect, and tomorrow is full of possibility. Work is hard, life is harder and both come before social media sometimes but I know I will never give up my passion for running. Cheers to this new road ahead…

What do you think?