The Happiest Feet

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I am- and have been for a very, very long time- a flip flop gal. Other than running shoes, I really can’t stand wearing socks and/or closed toed shoes! I counted all my flip flops for the sake of this post and have 13 pairs- 14 now with my Oofos recovery sandals. When the opportunity with BibRave came along to check out these sweet new flips, I jumped at the chance and must say my feet are so much happier for it!  Oofos are powered by a proprietary foam, called OOfoam, that delivers recovery and cushioning benefits that rejuvenate your feet so they feel happy and free.

Having recovered from that stress fracture in the ball of my foot earlier this year and starting my running routine up again, the first thing I noticed when I tried on my Oofos was how much pressure they alleviated from that part of my foot. As you can see in the photo above, the sandals curve up at the forefoot and, as I learned during my injury, that type of structure is exactly what I need to give the ball of my foot a break. There are sneakers out there that accomplish this too, called “rockers”, but given my issue with closed toed shoes, Oofos sandals are truly the perfect cure for our hard working, tired feet- no socks required.

Run done, Oofos on!

Even brought my Oofos camping!

Even brought my Oofos camping!

Oofos sandals provide feet and joints with relief and recovery through a patented foot-bed that is designed with arch support you can truly feel, taking the pressure off of ankles, knees, hips, and lower back- the exact spots we train and tire out when running. These sandals flex with your foot and the ground and absorb 37% more shock than traditional footwear foam. Oofos are soft, flexible, and pure heaven for my feet everyday, not just after a run.

When I received my Oofos, they practically floated out of the box, so incredibly light!  I tried them on and walked around the house with my mouth open, so surprised at how much relief they gave my feet and lower body! I said to my husband, “Wow! You have got to try these on!” He did and even though they were a tad small for him, he said, “I need these. Get me a pair IMMEDIATELY.”

Oofos are thicker and sturdier than my other flip flops and claim to hold its cushion the entire life of the shoe, yet depending on my outfit, they may not match (guess I need to get more all the Oofos colors!) so I have to go back to my collection to chose the right pair and the footwear difference is more than significant! While I love my flip flops, none compare to the obvious benefits of the Oofos arch support- when I put on any other pair, it feels like I’m wearing cardboard. No support, no cushion, so I’ve been making sure to bring my Oofos with me everywhere I go so my feet don’t have to suffer in any other pair for too long!

The body wants what the body wants!

The body wants what the body wants!

But after a run, here’s where the Oofos sport sandals truly shine making recovery easy and gentle- after a hard run, I come home for my foam roll, stretch, rest and beer session and slip on my Oofos: ahhhh! They way they cradle the feet perfectly really help the legs to relax! Yes, I received these in order to share my opinion, and my opinion is 100% honest: OOFOS ARE AWESOME!!!

Plus, they are moisture and bacteria resistant as well as machine washable so I don’t feel bad slipping my sweaty, dirty, stinky post-run feet into my Oofos- these sandals are truly made for athletes.  As stated on their website, “Your feet worked hard today and they’ll likely have another workout tomorrow. That’s why every pair of Oofos is engineered to help your feet recover in ways that typical footwear can’t.” So check them out, pick your color, let them know I sent you, and plan to recover better than ever no matter what your discipline may be- your feet earned this!

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