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When I started running in 2006, I wasn’t at all familiar with hydration-on-the-run nor did I know what an electrolyte even was! After a year of 5Ks and another year of 10Ks, I started ramping up to the half distance and the training programs I followed all stressed the importance of both hydration + electrolyte intake so I started experimenting; yet, in my newbie-ness still only carried water and avoided on-course electrolytes… until I started training for my first marathon.

I completed my first marathon through Team in Training and was lucky enough to learn from some of the best running coaches here in the San Francisco Bay Area- and they taught me about hydration, informed me about different products and how much water/electrolytes to take in during which hour of my run, and insisted that we carry electrolytes for any run over an hour.

As any veteran runner or coach will tell you, electrolytes (electrically-charged minerals such as sodium, calcium and potassium) are important to replace while running in order to keep the systems of the body functioning properly. As a Super Duper Sweater, I quickly learned that all the cramping I suffered plus all the salt I was covered in following a run meant that I was losing too much of those all-important minerals through sweat during my long runs and if I truly wanted to improve my running performance, I would certainly need to replace them along the way.

Recently, I became a BibRavePro Ambassador and the first product I was sent to try out and review was- you guessed it- Ultima Replenisher electrolyte powder.

Already familiar with sundry brands of electrolyte mixes, I was very interested in trying a new one and even though I was given the product to review, I can honestly say that Ultima Replenisher is my favorite by far! The 2 flavors I tried (lemonade and raspberry, also delish mixed together), I really liked- so much so, I’ve been mixing up batches of Ultima Replenisher on my off days just to keep cool during these hot summer months!- and found that Ultima’s new formula really works best for my on-the-run needs. With more magnesium, potassium, and sodium per serving, I experienced zero cramping during my runs and post-run, was not covered in salt like before. Sipping before, during, and after my runs has also really helped me through this heat wave and get back in the practice of hydration- 16 total ounces of electrolytes each and every run day (even on the 3 milers) really works for me.

Hydration IS a practice even if you aren’t a runner, and now that I am recovered from my injury, I am trying to be very considerate about my intake in order to give myself the best advantage while getting back to running. Ultima Replenisher, with their delicious flavors and easy to measure & mix powder, makes it incredibly easy to go into any training session adequately hydrated.

Pour it, mix it, sip it, love it!

Pour it, mix it, sip it, love it!

I asked my Facebook fans about their go-to for hydration and received a few interesting responses…

Amy writes, “I run with Tailwind for long hauls and Nuun for training and short runs. No water on runs less than 1 hour.”

Debbie writes, “I use Nuun for 10-20 miles; Gatorade for marathons. I’ve stockpiled the old Nuun because I can’t stand the new stuff with Stevia, but will have to find something new eventually. I am also a salt lick no matter what I do!”

And Carol writes, “I’ll take a bit of electrolytes if offered during a race, but not at every station. If possible I’ll dilute it.”

So all runners (or, at least all runners who read Running4theReason!) agree on the importance of hydration and electrolyte replacement on-the-run, plain water clearly being the runner up. Ultima Replenisher’s formula contains zero sugar, therefore zero calories and made with real fruit flavors and plant-based colors, it is also vegan, nonGMO, and gluten-free. And as we already know, good input always equals good output.

Even my kids love Ultima Replenisher!

Even my kids love Ultima Replenisher!

As a BibRavePro ambassador, I also have a sweet discount code to share if you want to give Ultima Replenisher a try too! 35% off and free shipping with code BIBRAVE2016– I am placing an order for their new cherry pomegranate flavor today! YUM!!!

Tell me, how do you stay hydrated on the run, especially during the summer? Water + electrolytes, water only, electrolytes only, neither? Thoughts on the benefits of electrolytes and/or your fave brands? Have you tried or will you try Ultima Replenisher?  If so, what do you think?

Happy Hydrating with #GoUltima!

Happy Hydrating with #GoUltima!

What do you think?