Summer Sabbatical

Well, it’s summer- the kids are out of school, schedules are out the window, and relaxing has taken over… for the very first time, I am totally okay with that!  I love sleeping in and staying up late, and- to be completely honest- I also love taking this short break from road running.  I’ve been spending a ton of time with my kids, enjoying the outdoors, and reading lots of great books- often, the simpler life is, the happier I feel. Not to say that I can’t incorporate running into all this good summertime ju ju too, it’s just… I need a break.

However, I do have a fairly challenging half marathon this Sunday, the (very hilly) first half of The San Francisco Marathon. I just re-read my recap of this race from 2013 and now I’m officially worried. I tried to run while spending the past 3 weeks at our cabin but the elevation killed me and after every run I would fall sick for the next 36 hours so I gave up even attempting to train while there. And since we’ve been back home, here at sea level, my motivation is still seemingly on break too…

See, I ran that one time this summer!

See, I ran that one time this summer!

That’s me!  🙂

No lack of training nor injury nor massive hangover nor foul weather will keep me away from any race with a medal at the end so, yes, I am doing the race. It won’t be fast, there will be walking, there will more than likely be some foul language too but I’ll get through before the cut off and immediately after will vow (as I always do) to step that training back up for the next one… and, I must keep reminding myself, there is ALWAYS a “next one”…



NIKE WOMEN’S HALF MARATHON SAN FRANCISCO!!! YAY!!! My 6th consecutive Nike, 2nd time running the new course and with a plan already in place I know how and when to start ramping back up and getting back into all the road running minutiae I enjoy so very much. I’ve got some other short just-for-fun races before October 17th but I plan to seriously focus for Nike which means this sabbatical can’t last for too much longer…

Therefore, in the meantime,  I am sticking with my Summertime Sabbatical To Do List:

  • Get caught up on the blog on and write the recaps for those last 3 races (or not, you know, if I don’t feel like it)
  • Spend time with the kids (no choice there as I am a stay-at-home parent and they kinda live with me)
  • Enjoy the outdoors (lotsa camping, beach and cabin time- check!)
  • More sunsets, more sunrises (sunsets going well but sunrises haven’t happened as setting an alarm during the summer seems incredibly wrong to me)
  • Read (I’m on my 5th book this summer! With kids around, that’s a major accomplishment!)
  • Eat and drink all the things I plan to give up once training starts again and don’t feel guilty about it (= all the burgers and all the beer and I don’t regret one bite or sip!)
  • Unplug (tomorrows are limited, social media can wait, be in the moment)

Running will always be there but my kids won’t be this young ever again nor will I be a stay-at-home parent forever. Finding ways to stay active with them is a challenge and they are adopting some very good habits along the way, I’m proud to think I have a lot to do with that. Taking a break doesn’t mean I quit or that I am giving up, I’m just taking some time to relax before pressing the reset button and getting started again- after all, isn’t that what summer break is truly all about???

How about you, do you take a break from training or running in general during the summer or any other time of the year? Do you replace running with other activities? Do you ever feel guilty about taking time off? Do you worry that your performance will worsen with a certain amount of time off?  How much time off is too much for you?

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