Ambassadorships Abound!

I am super stoked to announce that I have been chosen as race ambassador to the San Louis Obispo Marathon, See Jane Run, and the San Francisco Marathon this year! When I mention this to my friends, I am often asked, “What’s an ambassador? What do you have to do?” and “That race is really popular, why do they need you?” Here are your answers…

An ambassador is basically a cheerleader for the race- these are races I am happy to write about as I absolutely love the organizers as well as the race itself, and in the case of SLO, supports a cause close to my heart. As an ambassador, I write/tweet/pin/post about the race often, getting readers excited, motivated, and inspired to run. It is a mutually beneficial relationship- I help promote the race, getting them more registrations and more social media exposure, while the race promotes Running4theReason, sends more traffic to my blog and gives my readers perks in the form of registration discounts and, often, entry giveaways.

It is an honor to be chosen, that’s for sure, and it is equally an honor to be able to use these platforms to share my running story with more people as a way to encourage others to lace up and hit the road- I’m 39. I’m a mom. I’m a middle-of-the-pack runner… and if I can do it, so can you.

Please read on to access your perks and let me know if you will be at any of these awesome races!

First up is the San Louis Obispo half and full marathon on April 27th. Initially, I was set to run a different race that weekend but when SLO asked me to be an ambassador, I emphatically replied YES!!! This race benefits Team in Training and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Being a mentor for TNT this season (my 6th!), I am more than ecstatic to be there with my team and to see my mentees cross the finish line of their very first half or full marathon, and all to kick cancer’s butt!  GO TEAM!!!

I’ve wanted to run SLO for a few years now mainly because of the location- small town feel surrounded by beautiful vineyards and farmland- and I’m a sucker for scenic, spring races with wine at the finish!

Want to join me and run the SLO half or full marathon on April 27th??? Then, register by March 18th with code 2014AMFRIENDS for $10 off and I will see you at the finish line!

When I first started racing in 2009, my first running group was comprised of all my mommy friends, and we were big fans of the all women events. When See Jane Run began it’s 5K/Half for Chocolate and Champagne race series, we were all over it!  Of the 5 years See Jane Run has run for chocolate and champagne in Alameda, I’ve run it 4 times. Last year I was an ambassador, and this year I was lucky to be chosen again!

If you are as motivated by chocolate and champagne as I am and want to run the See Jane Run 5K or half marathon in Alameda on June 22, use code SJRAMB256 for 10% off registration! This code SJRAMB256 is also good for 10% off any clothing/gear purchases online and/or in any store location!

And, just like last year, I will be giving away one entry to this race as well! Come on back this Mother’s Day to enter to win!

... and a free race entry!

… and a free race entry!

And finally, The Big One, my 3rd full: The San Francisco Marathon on July 27th. <gulp> With thousands of people applying to be ambassadors (supposedly this year they had more than ever!), I really didn’t think I would make the cut and vowed to myself that if I was chosen as an ambassador for SFM, I would run the full. And whadya know, they chose me.

While I was beyond thrilled to be chosen, I’m pretty nervous about this race!  Well, any marathon is gonna freak me out but after running the first half last year, I know what to expect… at least for 13.1 miles of the thing! I hear that the 2nd half is less hilly so it should be good… I hope… we’ll see…

Check out my post on the SF Marathon blog about what it means to me to run 26.2 Miles at Home: (P.S. I’m really nervous!!!!!)

The climb is ALWAYS worth it for the view!

The climb is ALWAYS worth it for the view!

Join me and run the San Francisco Marathon- full or your choice of two different halfs– and get $10 off race registration with code DSC10TSFM2014A49!
I would normally say “see you there” but I’ll have my eyes set on only one thing that day: The Finish!

Please feel free to share these codes to any and all of your running buddies and clubs and be sure to follow Running4theReason for more reader perks to come! As always, thanks for reading, and happy running!!!

6 thoughts on “Ambassadorships Abound!

  1. jennette

    Ambassador for 3 races! You’re amazing, Laura. I’ll be there for 2 of them (See Jane Run and SF “1st half” Marathon).

    1. Laura Post author

      I’m a much better writer than runner, so it works! 🙂 Hope to see and cheers with you at SJR!!!!


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