2014 Resolutions

I don’t usually make New Year resolutions. As I’ve said before, if I’ve been doing everything the right way all year, there is no need to force myself to change things going into the new year- calendars can’t boss ME around. 2014 however, is a little different…

Don’t get me wrong, 2013 was an absolutely fantastic year! I started it off by successfully fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for a 3rd time and traveling to Washington DC to run the Nike Women’s Half with Team in Training. Great team, great race, great city, lots of running fun!

2013 Collage

In June/July, we had 3 blissful weeks of relaxing at our Pinecrest cabin, then in August took a family vacation to O’ahu, Hawaii and it was such a great time- who doesn’t LOVE Hawaii?! Kids had a blast! In September we traveled to Martha’s Vineyard to attend a family wedding where my daughter was the flower girl and my son a ring bearer- so fricking cute and so very memorable!

Europe Collage

In November, to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, hubby and I went to Europe- one week in London and one week in Paris. It was my first time to Europe and the first time we have taken a trip together- sans kids- since our honeymoon 10 years ago! We TOTALLY deserved the trip and indulged like royalty!

Right before our European Vacation, I celebrated my 39th birthday by partying a bit too much, falling, and fracturing a rib. The whole year prior, I had suffered zero injuries and successfully ran and raced my heart out. To heal the rib injury, my Doctor ordered that I cease all exercise so I was forced to take the last 2 months of the year totally off. (Currently, I still can’t do ab work without pain!)

So going into 2014, I am expecting a lot more from myself! Here goes…

Resolution #1: Lose weight. I haven’t had this goal in a few years so I am pretty upset to have to re-visit this now. Boo. The weight I inevitably gained with 2 months off from exercise plus all the things I ate and drank between Hawaii, the cabin, Europe, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are certainly taking their toll… my clothing fits tighter, my body feels squishy, and a mere 30 second plank just about killed me dead the other day. Really, seriously, absolutely hate that. Loved all the things I ate and drank but I abhor the effect! (Although, honestly, I don’t regret one solitary bite or sip!)

#1A: Count all calories.

#1B: Put the dessert fork down and step away from the dinner table.

#1C: Curtail the drinking and no more fractured rib juice (aka hard alcohol).

#1D: Eat more fruits and veggies, more salads, more green smoothies.

Resolution #2: Cross the finish line of my 3rd marathon. I was lucky enough to be chosen as an ambassador for The San Francisco Marathon, so I’m running the full. I didn’t run a full in 2013 so I am determined to accomplish this goal in July and am starting my training NOW. (Ambassador perk: $10 discount if you want to join me and register for the race, use code: DSC10TSFM2014A49)

Resolution #3: PR something. Anything. 5K, 10K, 13.1, 26.2 whatever, just PR!!! No PRs achieved in 2013 which is annoying so given resolution #1 and #2 I figure I can do it. To PR the 5K, I gotta break 27 minutes. To PR the 10K, I gotta break 57 minutes. To PR the half, I gotta break 2:08. And to PR the full, I just gotta get to 5 hours on the sucker- if Oprah can run a freaking 4:29 I can certainly get to 5 hours, right?! (Comparing my running to Oprah’s is such a strange thought… hopefully a motivating one though!)

Damn you, Oprah, and your 4:29. Hmph.

Damn you, Oprah, and your 4:29. Hmph.

Resolution #4: Be a better blogger. Keep running, write more about it, read other’s blogs more, comment more, and embrace all the social media outlets! I’m planning to write a longer post on this resolution as I realize that having a successful blog means not just creating good content on a regular basis (oops) but also making strong virtual relationships with other blogs/bloggers that I relate to and enjoy reading! I’ve been lucky, humbled and grateful in 2013 for all the gifts that running and Running4TheReason have given me and I intend to build on that momentum in 2014.

Resolution #5: Surround myself with people who challenge and inspire, and give as much to me as I give to them. In considering my relationships, I’m always trying to let go of toxicity while embracing people who give- just as I do to them- sincere support, positivity, and respect without competition or jealousy. Even at 39 years young, I’m still learning how to be a better friend and how to let go of any one-sided friendships so that all of my time is spent wisely and happily.

You AGAIN, Oprah?! Geesh!!! :p

You AGAIN, Oprah?! Geesh!!! :p

How about you? Are you making any resolutions this year- running or otherwise? Do you typically keep your resolutions? And if you didn’t make any for 2014, why not? You can have one of mine!


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