Race Recap: See Jane Run 5K (Alameda)

Yes, this race was over 3 weeks ago. Yes, it is summer vacation and the kids are out of school making it hard for me to think/write. Yes, I’ve fallen behind on my blogging responsibilities but I’m back home and trying my best to catch up this month! I swear!!!

Anyhoo, the See Jane Run 5K/half in Alameda, CA was held on June 22nd this year and I ran the 5K for my 5th year in a row. If you read this blog or know me IRL, you know I have been injured and unable to run since February- this race was my first since recovering from my injury and I was SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY to run 3 miles with some of my favorite people and was treated, in the typical See Jane Run style, to copious amounts of post-race champagne and chocolate afterwards! Can’t get better than that!  Continue reading

Runs Worth the Drive

Redwood Regional Park

Buick and MapMyFitness are launching a nationwide “Runs Worth the Drive Challenge” beginning June 26 to help fellow runners find, record and share favorite routes.  Challenge participants must log 5 miles of running per week, for six weeks- no problem, right?! Weekly prizes will be awarded and participants who accomplish the goal will be entered into a grand prize drawing for an all-expense paid trip to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon & Half-Marathon in Phoenix, Arizona!!! SIGN ME UP!!!

A few weeks ago, Buick offered to lend me a 2014 Buick Verano to drive for a week to my favorite running spots while mapping my routes on MapMyFitness.com and I happily said, “YES PLEASE!” As my injury is on the mend and I’ve just been approved to run again, the timing is perfection, and I was very thrilled to have a brand spanking beautiful new car to do just that!  Continue reading

Compression Suggestion (and Giveaway!)

As runners, we know compression wear is a “thing” and I’ve experimented running in compression capris as well as compression socks and found that I really prefer knee-high compression socks because the compression capris felt like I was stuffing a 20 pound sausage into a 10 pound casing. Freedom on the quads yet compression support on the calves, feet, and ankles really works for me on my longer distance runs. I can truly feel a difference in my recovery with a compression sock- my legs feel better quicker and aren’t as sore as they are without the socks- and when you’re marathon training, that’s a very good thing.

The benefits of donning compression while running are debatable, as this Active.com article explains, but wearing compression socks DOES increase circulation and blood flow, therefore reducing swelling and speeding up post-run recovery- basically, compression socks act as a portable ice bath for your hard working legs.  (Plus, some runners claim compression socks improve endurance thereby making you faster and I need all the help I can get so, hey, why not?)

Following is a review of my 3 favorite brands of compression socks- PRO Compression, Zensah, and CEP Compression- plus, thanks to the kind folks at CEP, a giveaway for your very own pair of the EXACT SAME compression socks Meb Keflezighi wore when he won the Boston Marathon! Keep reading to find out how to enter to win…

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Today’s Reason: Team in Training

This video was produced by Erica, one of my Team in Training mentees from last season, and sums up what it means to be a part of such a dynamic group that’s dedicated to running and fighting to cure cancer. Yours truly is at 3:48 and I meant every word I said.

Last week I celebrated two important milestones: 3 years with Team in Training and 3 years of writing running4thereason.com- happy runniversary/blogiversary to me! In fact, this blog was born because of TNT as I wanted to document the process of fundraising for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society while training for my first marathon. When my first season with the team ended, I stayed on, became a mentor, continued to fund-raise, and ran another marathon… then seven more half marathons with the team after that.

The cliche “absence makes the hear grow fonder” is so very true! My 6th season with TNT just concluded and I really miss seeing my team, manager, and coaches on a regular basis! I am not on the team right now because of my injury but still wanted to relay the “why” behind my dedication to TNT & LLS in order to encourage and motivate others to join up and run for this stellar organization.

Be it sunny, windy, snowing, or raining, I won’t mind as these miles are all for Team in Training!

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13 Reasons Why I Love Racing

My injury is on it’s way to recovery and I am feeling very excited to start racing again! In fact, I miss racing so much that I have completely re-adjusted our summer vacation plans in order to give 100% focus to my training, getting my body/endurance/stamina back to where it was pre-injury.

Last week, my doctor gave me the okay to run/walk the 2nd half of the San Francisco Marathon at the end of July, I am beyond elated. As an ambassador for the race, my initial plan was to run the full but my injury totally shattered that dream, I was even dubious about the half given those SF hills but after hearing of my accomplishment at SLO, the doctor said “You’re definitely getting better, so go for that SF half!” so of course I will and I CAN’T WAIT!

I started racing in April 2009- that First Race Ever was a hilly trail 5K but as soon as I crossed that finish line, I was hooked. At that race, I saw other runners wearing matching shirts and decided to get a bunch of like-minded friends together to run and make our own matching shirts, then challenged my “team” to at least one race a month. Sometimes two. And, yeah, okay, sometimes three in one month- just because there are so many great races out there and just because I love racing that much! And here are 13 reasons why… Continue reading

Giveaway: See Jane Run Race Entry!

It’s that time of year again, friends! Spring is almost over and the summer race season is upon us so it’s time to get moving- what better motivation to do so than a run for chocolate and champagne in the good ol’ San Francisco Bay Area!!!

I am a HUGE fan of See Jane Run (girl power, my favorite city, plus champagne AND chocolate after the finish- just doesn’t get better than that!!!) and as a 5th year runner of their Alameda race and a second-year ambassador, SJR has graciously offered my readers a chance to win a FREE entry to the See Jane Run 5K/Half Marathon for Chocolate and Champagne on June 22nd in Alameda.  Read on to find out how to enter…  Continue reading

Race Recap: SLO (Half) Marathon

Earlier this year, I was lucky to be chosen to represent the San Luis Obispo (SLO) Marathon as a race ambassador so I happily registered for the half marathon and went on with my training, doing all the “normal” things us runners do to get ready for a half marathon. Unfortunately, disaster struck in early March when I was diagnosed with patellofemoral/meniscus tear/MCL sprain and, as of today, it’s been 58 days, 8 hours, 32 minutes and 12 seconds since my last run, but who’s counting?

As soon as I was given the diagnosis and told “no more running”, I started considering all the races I was already signed up for and started deferring/dropping out.  Lucky for me, the course limit for the SLO half marathon is 8 whole hours so even though I can’t run, I decided to walk this 13.1 anyway. And it. Was. AWESOME!!!

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