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856831_632902716762948_1313491635_oI’m still injured and as of today it’s been 35 days since my last run… 35 days, that’s it??? Feels like an eternity!  Recovery is going very slowly and I’m looking at a few more months of no running. I’m feeling a TAD better about that, just a TAD. Given my 1-race-a-month habit, it’s been soul crushing to have to give up and/or plan to bow out of race after race after race.

So, I’m sure you can imagine how happy I was to read that the course limit for the SLO Marathon is 8 hours! Yipee! That means I don’t have to give this one up! Can’t run, can walk, can’t wait!!!  While it’s strange to think that I am going to intentionally walk a half marathon, as an ambassador for the race, I am beyond elated that I am able to still participate and am really looking forward to spending the weekend in beautiful San Luis Obispo surrounded by magnificent blue skies and those gorgeous rolling hills.

(SLO Marathon has extended the deadline for online registration to April 17th so if you want to join me and #RaceSLO (you can run though!) register here and use code 2014AMFRIENDS for $10 off.)  Continue reading

Today’s Reason: Respect

If you know me in real life or follow my other social media outlets, you know I am currently injured. Again. Running related injury this time- patellofemoral syndrome with a side order of a meniscus tear. Yaaaaaaay. And even if you don’t know me in real life, as a fellow runner, you can probably guess how I feel about all this: VERY sad and VERY pissed off.

Conservatively, I am looking at 8-12 long weeks of limitations, rehab, and physical therapy. This prognosis sent me into a deep pit of depression and while I’m sorta kinda snapping out of it and kinda sorta seeing a dim light at the end of this injury tunnel, I’m still having a really hard time getting my head straight while my heart continues to break over this loss (albeit temporary) of road running.

I know I must learn to respect the healing process. I’m trying hard to tell myself all the “right” things; but, in this case, respect is incredibly difficult to give as I feel so defeated in the face of injury. Learning how to respect my body, my mind, and my rehab is such a struggle right now… yet I know I must get it right if I want to get back to the road sooner than later.  Continue reading

Ambassadorships Abound!

I am super stoked to announce that I have been chosen as race ambassador to the San Louis Obispo Marathon, See Jane Run, and the San Francisco Marathon this year! When I mention this to my friends, I am often asked, “What’s an ambassador? What do you have to do?” and “That race is really popular, why do they need you?” Here are your answers…

An ambassador is basically a cheerleader for the race- these are races I am happy to write about as I absolutely love the organizers as well as the race itself, and in the case of SLO, supports a cause close to my heart. As an ambassador, I write/tweet/pin/post about the race often, getting readers excited, motivated, and inspired to run. It is a mutually beneficial relationship- I help promote the race, getting them more registrations and more social media exposure, while the race promotes Running4theReason, sends more traffic to my blog and gives my readers perks in the form of registration discounts and, often, entry giveaways.

It is an honor to be chosen, that’s for sure, and it is equally an honor to be able to use these platforms to share my running story with more people as a way to encourage others to lace up and hit the road- I’m 39. I’m a mom. I’m a middle-of-the-pack runner… and if I can do it, so can you.

Please read on to access your perks and let me know if you will be at any of these awesome races!

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To: Running, From: Me

Roses are red, violets are blue,
I love running, don’t you?

My calves and heart tightly compressed,
I’ve fallen in love with you, running, I must confess.

From roads to trails, hills to surf,
True love is running all over this city- it’s my turf.

Miles behind and miles ahead,
Forever I will run and lightly tread.

You’ve given me fond memories, many medals, and lotsa chafing,
And only for you, at dark:30am, I’m waking.

Mind clear, heart happy and legs so strong,
I’ll see you at the finish line of my next marathon!

Dear running, sometimes you make me feel like I’m gonna cry…
Yet whether you know it or not, you are my Valentine!


5K Recaps: Hot Chocolate, Run4Steven and Jenny’s Light

PicMonkey Collage

I gotta be totally honest and say it’s really hard- for me- to write a good 5K race recap. In 3 miles, not too much can happen and 5Ks are over way too quickly for me to really want to bother with carrying my camera, so without miles and miles of photos, I’ve got nothing to create a good 5K recap with! However, I ran three 5K races in 3 consecutive weekends, so put them all together and here’s a 5K race post trifecta! WOO HOO!

First up was the Hot Chocolate 5K on January 12th in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. As an official blogger for the race, I was very happy to arrive and start snapping pre-race photos of the amazingly beautiful sunrise but BFF Amy’s photos came out much better!

Fantastic way to start ANY day!

Fantastic way to start ANY day!

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WTF? (Part 1)

Run 26.2 while juggling FOUR balls. WTF?

Run 26.2 while juggling the entire time. WTF?

Running the road for many years, I’m sure you’ll agree, you see some pretty strange things along the way- be it an easy run down the street, a weekend long trail run, or even at races, I’ll often run by/near/past something so incredibly strange and/or annoying that I can’t help but think, “WTF?”

The above photo I took during the San Diego Rock n’ Roll marathon, about mile 22. I know this guy juggled the entire race because I recall starting in the same corral with him. Despite my physical issues, I ended up catching back up to him at this point, thinking, “Okay, now all I’m doing over here is RUNNING yet I’m ACTUALLY getting passed by the JUGGLING guy? Really? WTF???” Continue reading

Flexiveganism (and NadaMoo Giveaway!)

When it comes to eating meat, I live by the “it’s an instinct, not a choice!” school of thought. I love meat, poultry, fish, dairy- as far as I’m concerned, PETA stands for People Eat Tasty Animals. I seriously drool at the thought of a good steak or tasty hamburger- I love hamburgers so much, I started another blog just to document my goal of trying every single burger here in Oakland!  On long car rides, when we see cows grazing, I taught my kids to say “Hamburgers!” and to baby cows, “Sliders!” (I highly doubt my vegetarian friends appreciate that joke- sorry!)

You can’t really get away from all the press surrounding meat in the past few years and I’ve read my fair share of articles warning of the ill effect of eating too much red meat- high fat content leading to heart and cholesterol problems; cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s risks; and of course Mad Cow Disease, just to name a few. Yeah, I get it. Everything in moderation, the leaner the cut the better. I even joined a meat/poultry and fish CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) just to ensure that I’m only buying local meat and fish that has been farm-raised ethically, sustainably, and humanely.

I also read a lot of articles about runners powered by nothing other than vegan food- they claim it fuels their bodies better than any meat ever could and have basically turned super human as a result, running hundreds of miles without injury, with minimal recovery time. So in my attempt to stick with my New Year resolutions this year, I’m dabbling in a bit of flexi-vegetarian-veganism not just to lose weight but to also become a better runner (the “flexi” part promising a burger every now and then!). Continue reading